Nexuiz cvars t bis w

cvar Funktion Default-Wert
team QW team (4 character limit, example: blue) none
teamplay teamplay mode, values depend on mod but typically 0 = no teams, 1 = no team damage no self damage, 2 = team damage and self damage, some mods support 3 = no team damage but can damage self 0
teamplay_default default teamplay setting in team games. 1 = no friendly fire, self damage. 2 = friendly fire and self damage enabled. 3 = no friendly fire, but self damage enabled. 4 = obey the following four cvars 4
teamplay_lockonrestart it set to 1 in a team-based game, the teams are locked once all players readied up and the game restarted (no new players can join after restart unless using the server-command unlockteams) 0
temp1 general cvar for mods to use, in stock id1 this selects which death animation to use on players (0 = random death, other values select specific death scenes) 0
timeformat time format to use on timestamped console messages [%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S]
timelimit ends level at this time (in minutes) 0
timelimit_decrement custom cvar 5
timelimit_increment custom cvar 5
timelimit_max custom cvar 60
timelimit_min custom cvar 5
timelimit_override Time limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
timelimit_overtime duration in minutes of one added overtime, added to the timelimit 2
timelimit_overtimes how many overtimes to add at max 0
timelimit_suddendeath number of minutes suddendeath mode lasts after all overtimes were added and still no winner was found 5
timestamps prints timestamps on console messages 0
userbind1_description custom cvar team: quad soon
userbind1_press custom cvar say_team quad soon
userbind1_release custom cvar
userbind10_description custom cvar team: roaming, icon
userbind10_press custom cvar say_team roaming (l:%l^7) (h:%h^7 a:%a^7 w:%w^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here
userbind10_release custom cvar
userbind11_description custom cvar team: attacking, icon
userbind11_press custom cvar say_team attacking (l:%l^7) (h:%h^7 a:%a^7 w:%w^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here
userbind11_release custom cvar
userbind12_description custom cvar team: killed flag, icon
userbind12_press custom cvar say_team killed flagcarrier (l:%y^7); g_waypointsprite_team_p
userbind12_release custom cvar
userbind13_description custom cvar team: dropped flag, icon
userbind13_press custom cvar say_team dropped flag (l:%d^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here_d
userbind13_release custom cvar
userbind14_description custom cvar team: drop gun, icon
userbind14_press custom cvar say_team dropped gun %w^7 (l:%l^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here; wait; dropweapon
userbind14_release custom cvar
userbind15_description custom cvar team: drop flag/key, icon
userbind15_press custom cvar say_team dropped flag/key %w^7 (l:%l^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here; wait; +use
userbind15_release custom cvar -use
userbind16_description custom cvar chat: nice one
userbind16_press custom cvar say :-) / nice one
userbind16_release custom cvar
userbind17_description custom cvar chat: good game
userbind17_press custom cvar say good game
userbind17_release custom cvar
userbind18_description custom cvar chat: hi / good luck
userbind18_press custom cvar say hi / good luck and have fun
userbind18_release custom cvar
userbind19_description custom cvar scoreboard / chat history
userbind19_press custom cvar +showscores; +con_chat_maximize
userbind19_release custom cvar -showscores; -con_chat_maximize
userbind2_description custom cvar team: free item, icon
userbind2_press custom cvar say_team free item %x^7 (l:%y^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here_p
userbind2_release custom cvar
userbind20_description custom cvar toggle recording .avi
userbind20_press custom cvar toggle cl_capturevideo
userbind20_release custom cvar
userbind21_description custom cvar toggle fullscreen
userbind21_press custom cvar toggle vid_fullscreen; vid_restart
userbind21_release custom cvar
userbind22_description custom cvar
userbind22_press custom cvar
userbind22_release custom cvar
userbind23_description custom cvar
userbind23_press custom cvar
userbind23_release custom cvar
userbind24_description custom cvar
userbind24_press custom cvar
userbind24_release custom cvar
userbind25_description custom cvar
userbind25_press custom cvar
userbind25_release custom cvar
userbind26_description custom cvar
userbind26_press custom cvar
userbind26_release custom cvar
userbind27_description custom cvar
userbind27_press custom cvar
userbind27_release custom cvar
userbind28_description custom cvar
userbind28_press custom cvar
userbind28_release custom cvar
userbind29_description custom cvar
userbind29_press custom cvar
userbind29_release custom cvar
userbind3_description custom cvar team: took item, icon
userbind3_press custom cvar say_team took item (l:%l^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here
userbind3_release custom cvar
userbind30_description custom cvar
userbind30_press custom cvar
userbind30_release custom cvar
userbind31_description custom cvar
userbind31_press custom cvar
userbind31_release custom cvar
userbind32_description custom cvar
userbind32_press custom cvar
userbind32_release custom cvar
userbind4_description custom cvar team: negative
userbind4_press custom cvar say_team negative
userbind4_release custom cvar
userbind5_description custom cvar team: positive
userbind5_press custom cvar say_team positive
userbind5_release custom cvar
userbind6_description custom cvar team: need help, icon
userbind6_press custom cvar say_team need help (l:%l^7) (h:%h^7 a:%a^7 w:%w^7); g_waypointsprite_team_helpme; cmd voice needhelp
userbind6_release custom cvar
userbind7_description custom cvar team: enemy seen, icon
userbind7_press custom cvar say_team enemy seen (l:%y^7); g_waypointsprite_team_danger_p; cmd voice incoming
userbind7_release custom cvar
userbind8_description custom cvar team: flag seen, icon
userbind8_press custom cvar say_team flag seen (l:%y^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here_p; cmd voice seenflag
userbind8_release custom cvar
userbind9_description custom cvar team: defending, icon
userbind9_press custom cvar say_team defending (l:%l^7) (h:%h^7 a:%a^7 w:%w^7); g_waypointsprite_team_here
userbind9_release custom cvar
v_brightness brightness of black, useful for monitors that are too dark 0
v_centermove how long before the view begins to center itself (if freelook/+mlook/+jlook/+klook are off) 0.15
v_centerspeed how fast the view centers itself 500
v_color_black_b desired color of black 0
v_color_black_g desired color of black 0
v_color_black_r desired color of black 0
v_color_enable enables black-grey-white color correction curve controls 0
v_color_grey_b desired color of grey 0.5
v_color_grey_g desired color of grey 0.5
v_color_grey_r desired color of grey 0.5
v_color_white_b desired color of white 1
v_color_white_g desired color of white 1
v_color_white_r desired color of white 1
v_contrast brightness of white (values above 1 give a brighter image with increased color saturation, unlike v_gamma) 1
v_contrastboost by how much to multiply the contrast in dark areas (1 is no change) 1
v_deathtilt whether to use sideways view when dead 0
v_deathtiltangle what roll angle to use when tilting the view while dead 80
v_flipped mirror the screen (poor man's left handed mode) 0
v_gamma inverse gamma correction value, a brightness effect that does not affect white or black, and tends to make the image grey and dull 1.125000
v_glslgamma enables use of GLSL to apply gamma correction ramps if available (note: overrides v_hwgamma) 0
v_hwgamma enables use of hardware gamma correction ramps if available (note: does not work very well on Windows2000 and above), values are 0 = off, 1 = attempt to use hardware gamma, 2 = use hardware gamma whether it works or not 1
v_idlescale how much of the quake 'drunken view' effect to use 0
v_ipitch_cycle v_idlescale pitch speed 1
v_ipitch_level v_idlescale pitch amount 0.3
v_iroll_cycle v_idlescale roll speed 0.5
v_iroll_level v_idlescale roll amount 0.1
v_iyaw_cycle v_idlescale yaw speed 2
v_iyaw_level v_idlescale yaw amount 0.3
v_kickpitch how much a view kick from damage pitches your view 0.6
v_kickroll how much a view kick from damage rolls your view 0.6
v_kicktime how long a view kick from damage lasts 0.5
v_psycho easter egg (does not work on Windows2000 or above) 0
vid_bitsperpixel how many bits per pixel to render at (32 or 16, 32 is recommended) 32
vid_conheight virtual height of 2D graphics system 600
vid_conwidth virtual width of 2D graphics system 800
vid_dgamouse make use of DGA mouse input 0
vid_fullscreen use fullscreen (1) or windowed (0) 1
vid_grabkeyboard whether to grab the keyboard when mouse is active (prevents use of volume control keys, music player keys, etc on some keyboards) 0
vid_hardwaregammasupported indicates whether hardware gamma is supported (updated by attempts to set hardware gamma ramps) 1
vid_height resolution 768
vid_minheight minimum vid_height that is acceptable (to be set in default.cfg in mods) 0
vid_minwidth minimum vid_width that is acceptable (to be set in default.cfg in mods) 0
vid_mouse whether to use the mouse in windowed mode (fullscreen always does) 1
vid_netwmfullscreen make use _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN; turn this off if fullscreen does not work for you 0
vid_pixelheight adjusts vertical field of vision to account for non-square pixels (1280×1024 on a CRT monitor for example) 1
vid_refreshrate refresh rate to use, in hz (higher values flicker less, if supported by your monitor) 60
vid_resizable 0: window not resizable, 1: resizable, 2: window can be resized but the framebuffer isn't adjusted 1
vid_samples how many anti-aliasing samples per pixel to request from the graphics driver (4 is recommended, 1 is faster) 1
vid_stereobuffer enables 'quad-buffered' stereo rendering for stereo shutterglasses, HMD (head mounted display) devices, or polarized stereo LCDs, if supported by your drivers 0
vid_stick_mouse have the mouse stuck in the center of the screen 0
vid_userefreshrate set this to 1 to make vid_refreshrate used, or to 0 to let the engine choose a sane default 0
vid_vsync sync to vertical blank, prevents 'tearing' (seeing part of one frame and part of another on the screen at the same time), automatically disabled when doing timedemo benchmarks 0
vid_width resolution 1024
vid_x11_display nexuiz-linux-*.sh will use this to start nexuiz on an other/new X display
viewsize how large the view should be, 110 disables inventory bar, 120 disables status bar 100
volume volume of sound effects 0.5
welcome_message_time custom cvar 8

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