Nexuiz cvars h bis r

cvar Funktion Default-Wert
halflifebsp indicates the current map is hlbsp format (useful to know because of different bounding box sizes) 0
host_framerate locks frame timing to this value in seconds, 0.05 is 20fps for example, note that this can easily run too fast, use cl_maxfps if you want to limit your framerate instead, or sys_ticrate to limit server speed 0
host_sleep gives up some processing time to other applications each frame, value in milliseconds 0
host_speeds reports how much time is used in server/graphics/sound 0
hostname server message to show in server browser Nexuiz 2.5svn Server
in_pitch_max how far upward you can aim (quake used 80 90
in_pitch_min how far downward you can aim (quake used -70 -90
joy_deadzoneforward custom cvar 0.05
joy_deadzonepitch custom cvar 0.05
joy_deadzoneside custom cvar 0.05
joy_deadzoneup custom cvar 0.05
joy_deadzoneyaw custom cvar 0.05
joy_sensitivitypitch custom cvar 0.9
joy_sensitivityyaw custom cvar -1.8
joyadvanced custom cvar 1
joyadvaxisr custom cvar 2
joyadvaxisx custom cvar 3
joyadvaxisy custom cvar 1
joyadvaxisz custom cvar 4
joypitchsensitivity custom cvar 0.9
joysidesensitivity custom cvar 1.0
joyyawsensitivity custom cvar -1.8
lastlevel custom cvar
leadlimit custom cvar 0
leadlimit_override Lead limit overriding the mapinfo specified one (use 0 to play without limit, and -1 to use the mapinfo's limit) -1
locs_enable enables replacement of certain % codes in chat messages: %l (location), %d (last death location), %h (health), %a (armor), %x (rockets), %c (cells), %r (rocket launcher status), %p (powerup status), %w (weapon status), %t (current time in level) 0
locs_show shows defined locations for editing purposes 0
log_dest_udp UDP address to log messages to (in QW rcon compatible format); multiple destinations can be separated by spaces; DO NOT SPECIFY DNS NAMES HERE
log_file filename to log messages to
lookspring returns pitch to level with the floor when no longer holding a pitch key 0
lookstrafe move instead of turning 0
m_accelerate mouse acceleration factor (try 2) 1
m_accelerate_filter mouse acceleration factor filtering 0.1
m_accelerate_maxspeed above this speed, full acceleration is done 10000
m_accelerate_minspeed below this speed, no acceleration is done 5000
m_filter smoothes mouse movement, less responsive but smoother aiming 0
m_forward mouse forward speed multiplier 1
m_pitch mouse pitch speed multiplier 22
m_side mouse side speed multiplier 0.8
m_yaw mouse yaw speed multiplier 22
menu_cdtrack custom cvar brokenlight
menu_maxplayers maxplayers value when the menu starts a game 8
menu_mouse_absolute TODO make this seta if the engine understands this right 0
menu_mouse_speed speed multiplier for the mouse in the menu (does not affect in-game aiming) 1
menu_options_colorcontrol_correctionvalue intensity value that matches up to white/black dither pattern, should be 0.5 for linear color 0.5
menu_skin custom cvar wickedz
menu_slist_modfilter custom cvar =
menu_slist_showempty show servers even if they are no empty and have no opponents to play against 1
menu_slist_showfull show servers even if they are full and have no slots to join 1
menu_slowmo custom cvar 1
menu_updatecheck custom cvar 1
menu_use_default_hostname custom cvar 1
menu_vid_conheight custom cvar 600
menu_vid_conwidth custom cvar 800
menu_video_played custom cvar 1
menu_weaponarena_with_laser also enable the Laser in this weapon arena 0
minplayers number of players playing at the same time (if not enough real players are there the remaining slots are filled with bots) 0
mod_alias_supporttagscale support scaling factors in bone/tag attachment matrices as supported by MD3 1
mod_q3bsp_curves_collisions enables collisions with curves (SLOW) 1
mod_q3bsp_curves_collisions_stride collisions against curves: optimize performance by doing a combined collision check for this triangle amount first 16
mod_q3bsp_curves_stride particle effect collisions against curves: optimize performance by doing a combined collision check for this triangle amount first 16
mod_q3bsp_debugtracebrush selects different tracebrush bsp recursion algorithms (for debugging purposes only) 0
mod_q3bsp_lightmapmergepower merges the quake3 128×128 lightmap textures into larger lightmap group textures to speed up rendering, 1 = 256×256, 2 = 512×512, 3 = 1024×1024, 4 = 2048×2048, 5 = 4096×4096, … 3
mod_q3bsp_nolightmaps do not load lightmaps in Q3BSP maps (to save video RAM, but be warned: it looks ugly) 0
mod_q3bsp_optimizedtraceline whether to use optimized traceline code for line traces (as opposed to tracebox code) 1
net_address network address to open ipv4 ports on (if empty, use default interfaces)
net_address_ipv6 network address to open ipv6 ports on (if empty, use default interfaces)
net_connectfloodblockingtimeout when a connection packet is received, it will block all future connect packets from that IP address for this many seconds (cuts down on connect floods) 5
net_connecttimeout after requesting a connection, the client must reply within this many seconds or be dropped (cuts down on connect floods). Must be above 10 seconds. 30
net_messagetimeout drops players who have not sent any packets for this many seconds 300
net_slist_favorites contains a list of IP addresses and ports to always query explicitly
net_slist_maxtries how many times to ask the same server for information (more times gives better ping reports but takes longer) 3
net_slist_pause when set to 1, the server list won't update until it is set back to 0 0
net_slist_queriesperframe maximum number of server information requests to send each rendered frame (guards against low framerates causing problems) 4
net_slist_queriespersecond how many server information requests to send per second 20
net_slist_timeout how long to listen for a server information response before giving up 4
nextmap override the maplist when switching to the next map
noaim QW option to disable vertical autoaim 1
noexit kills anyone attempting to use an exit 0
nomonsters unused cvar in quake, can be used by mods 0
nosound disables sound 0
pausable allow players to pause or not 0
port server port for players to connect to 26000
pr_checkextension indicates to QuakeC that the standard quakec extensions system is available (if 0, quakec should not attempt to use extensions) 1
prvm_backtraceforwarnings print a backtrace for warnings too 0
prvm_errordump write a savegame on crash to crash-server.dmp 0
prvm_leaktest try to detect memory leaks in strings or entities 0
prvm_leaktest_ignore_classnames classnames of entities to NOT leak check because they are found by find(world, classname, …) but are actually spawned by QC code (NOT map entities) ctf_team dom_team tdm_team
prvm_statementprofiling counts how many times each QuakeC statement has been executed, these counts are displayed in prvm_printfunction output (if enabled) 0
prvm_traceqc prints every QuakeC statement as it is executed (only for really thorough debugging!) 0
qport identification key for playing on qw servers (allows you to maintain a connection to a quakeworld server even if your port changes) 3099
quit_and_redirect set to an IP to redirect all players at the end of the match to another server. Set to „self“ to let all players reconnect at the end of the match (use it to make seamless engine updates)
quit_when_empty set to 1, then the server exits when the next level would start but is empty 0
r_ambient brightens map, value is 0-128 4
r_batchmode selects method of rendering multiple surfaces with one driver call (values are 0, 1, 2, etc…) 1
r_bloom enables bloom effect (makes bright pixels affect neighboring pixels) 0
r_bloom_blur how large the glow is 4
r_bloom_brighten how bright the glow is, after subtract/power 2
r_bloom_colorexponent how exagerated the glow is 1
r_bloom_colorscale how bright the glow is 1
r_bloom_colorsubtract reduces bloom colors by a certain amount 125
r_bloom_resolution what resolution to perform the bloom effect at (independent of screen resolution) 320
r_colormap_palette name of a palette lmp file to override the shirt/pants colors of player models. It consists of 16 shirt colors, 16 scoreboard shirt colors, 16 pants colors and 16 scoreboard pants colors gfx/colormap_palette.lmp
r_coronas brightness of corona flare effects around certain lights, 0 disables corona effects 1
r_coronas_occlusionquery use GL_ARB_occlusion_query extension if supported (fades coronas according to visibility) 1
r_coronas_occlusionsizescale size of light source for corona occlusion checksm the proportion of hidden pixels controls corona intensity 0.1
r_cullentities_trace probabistically cull invisible entities 1
r_cullentities_trace_delay number of seconds until the entity gets actually culled 1
r_cullentities_trace_enlarge box enlargement for entity culling 0
r_cullentities_trace_samples number of samples to test for entity culling 2
r_damageblur motionblur based on damage; requires r_motionblur to have a value 0
r_depthfirst renders a depth-only version of the scene before normal rendering begins to eliminate overdraw, values: 0 = off, 1 = world depth, 2 = world and model depth 0
r_drawdecals enables drawing of decals 1
r_drawdecals_drawdistance decals further than drawdistance*size will not be drawn 300
r_draweffects renders temporary sprite effects 1
r_drawentities draw entities (doors, players, projectiles, etc) 1
r_drawexplosions enables rendering of explosion shells (see also cl_particles_explosions_shell) 1
r_drawfog allows one to disable fog rendering 1
r_drawparticles enables drawing of particles 1
r_drawparticles_drawdistance particles further than drawdistance*size will not be drawn 1000
r_drawportals shows portals (separating polygons) in world interior in quake1 maps 0
r_drawviewmodel draw your weapon model 1
r_dynamic enables dynamic lights (rocket glow and such) 1
r_editlights enables .rtlights file editing mode 0
r_editlights_cursordistance maximum distance of cursor from eye 1024
r_editlights_cursorgrid snaps cursor to this grid size 4
r_editlights_cursorpushback how far to pull the cursor back toward the eye 0
r_editlights_cursorpushoff how far to push the cursor off the impacted surface 4
r_editlights_quakelightsizescale changes size of light entities loaded from a map 1
r_explosionclip enables collision detection for explosion shell (so that it flattens against walls and floors) 1
r_fixtrans_auto automatically fixtrans textures (when set to 2, it also saves the fixed versions to a fixtrans directory) 0
r_fog_exp2 uses GL_EXP2 fog (as in Nehahra) rather than realistic GL_EXP fog 0
r_fullbright makes map very bright and renders faster 0
r_fullbrights enables glowing pixels in quake textures (changes need r_restart to take effect) 1
r_glsl enables use of OpenGL 2.0 pixel shaders for lighting 1
r_glsl_contrastboost by how much to multiply the contrast in dark areas (1 is no change) 1
r_glsl_deluxemapping use per pixel lighting on deluxemap-compiled q3bsp maps (or a value of 2 forces deluxemap shading even without deluxemaps) 1
r_glsl_offsetmapping offset mapping effect (also known as parallax mapping or virtual displacement mapping) 0
r_glsl_offsetmapping_reliefmapping relief mapping effect (higher quality) 0
r_glsl_offsetmapping_scale how deep the offset mapping effect is 0.02
r_glsl_postprocess use a GLSL postprocessing shader 0
r_glsl_postprocess_uservec1 a 4-component vector to pass as uservec1 to the postprocessing shader (only useful if default.glsl has been customized) 0 0 0 0
r_glsl_postprocess_uservec2 a 4-component vector to pass as uservec2 to the postprocessing shader (only useful if default.glsl has been customized) 0 0 0 0
r_glsl_postprocess_uservec3 a 4-component vector to pass as uservec3 to the postprocessing shader (only useful if default.glsl has been customized) 0 0 0 0
r_glsl_postprocess_uservec4 a 4-component vector to pass as uservec4 to the postprocessing shader (only useful if default.glsl has been customized) 0 0 0 0
r_glsl_saturation saturation multiplier (only working in glsl!) 1
r_glsl_usegeneric use shaders for rendering simple geometry (rather than conventional fixed-function rendering for this purpose) 1
r_hdr enables High Dynamic Range bloom effect (higher quality version of r_bloom) 0
r_hdr_glowintensity how bright light emitting textures should appear 1
r_hdr_range how much dynamic range to render bloom with (equivilant to multiplying r_bloom_brighten by this value and dividing r_bloom_colorscale by this value) 4
r_hdr_scenebrightness global rendering brightness 1
r_labelsprites_roundtopixels try to make label sprites sharper by rounding their size to 0.5x or 1x and by rounding their position to whole pixels if possible 1
r_labelsprites_scale global scale to apply to label sprites before conversion to HUD coordinates 0.40625
r_lerpimages bilinear filters images when scaling them up to power of 2 size (mode 1), looks better than glquake (mode 0) 1
r_lerplightstyles enable animation smoothing on flickering lights 0
r_lerpmodels enables animation smoothing on models 1
r_lerpsprites enables animation smoothing on sprites 1
r_letterbox reduces vertical height of view to simulate a letterboxed movie effect (can be used by mods for cutscenes) 0
r_lightningbeam_color_blue color of the lightning beam effect 1
r_lightningbeam_color_green color of the lightning beam effect 1
r_lightningbeam_color_red color of the lightning beam effect 1
r_lightningbeam_qmbtexture load the qmb textures/particles/lightning.pcx texture instead of generating one, can look better 0
r_lightningbeam_repeatdistance how far to stretch the texture along the lightning beam effect 128
r_lightningbeam_scroll speed of texture scrolling on the lightning beam effect 5
r_lightningbeam_thickness thickness of the lightning beam effect 4
r_lockpvs disables pvs switching, allows you to walk around and inspect what is visible from a given location in the map (anything not visible from your current location will not be drawn) 0
r_lockvisibility disables visibility updates, allows you to walk around and inspect what is visible from a given viewpoint in the map (anything offscreen at the moment this is enabled will not be drawn) 0
r_mipskins mipmaps model skins so they render faster in the distance and do not display noise artifacts, can cause discoloration of skins if they contain undesirable border colors 1
r_mipsprites mipmaps sprites so they render faster in the distance and do not display noise artifacts 1
r_motionblur motionblur frame-by-frame alpha control {0 to 1} - 0.7 recommended 0
r_motionblur_bmin velocity at which there is no blur yet (may be negative to always have some blur) 0.5
r_motionblur_debug outputs current motionblur alpha value 0
r_motionblur_maxblur cap for the alpha level of the motion blur variable 0.88
r_motionblur_randomize randomizing coefficient to fix ghosting 0.1
r_motionblur_vcoeff sliding average reaction time for velocity 0.05
r_motionblur_vmax velocity at which there is full blur 600
r_motionblur_vmin velocity at which there is minimum blur 300
r_nearclip distance from camera of nearclip plane 1
r_nosurftextures pretends there was no texture lump found in the q1bsp/hlbsp loading (useful for debugging this rare case) 0
r_novis draws whole level, see also sv_cullentities_pvs 0 0
r_picmipsprites make gl_picmip affect sprites too (saves some graphics memory in sprite heavy games) 0
r_picmipworld whether gl_picmip shall apply to world textures too 0
r_polygonoffset_submodel_factor biases depth values of world submodels such as doors, to prevent z-fighting artifacts in Quake maps 0
r_polygonoffset_submodel_offset biases depth values of world submodels such as doors, to prevent z-fighting artifacts in Quake maps 2
r_precachetextures 0 = never upload textures until used, 1 = upload most textures before use (exceptions: rarely used skin colormap layers), 2 = upload all textures before use (can increase texture memory usage significantly) 1
r_q1bsp_skymasking allows sky polygons in quake1 maps to obscure other geometry 1
r_q3bsp_renderskydepth draws sky depth masking in q3 maps (as in q1 maps), this means for example that sky polygons can hide other things 0
r_render enables rendering calls (you want this on!) 1
r_shadow_bumpscale_basetexture generate fake bumpmaps from diffuse textures at this bumpyness, try 4 to match tenebrae, higher values increase depth, requires r_restart to take effect 0
r_shadow_bumpscale_bumpmap what magnitude to interpret _bump.tga textures as, higher values increase depth, requires r_restart to take effect 4
r_shadow_culltriangles performs more expensive tests to remove unnecessary triangles of lit surfaces 1
r_shadow_debuglight renders only one light, for level design purposes or debugging -1
r_shadow_frontsidecasting whether to cast shadows from illuminated triangles (front side of model) or unlit triangles (back side of model) 1
r_shadow_gloss 0 disables gloss (specularity) rendering, 1 uses gloss if textures are found, 2 forces a flat metallic specular effect on everything without textures (similar to tenebrae) 1
r_shadow_gloss2intensity how bright the forced flat gloss should look if r_shadow_gloss is 2 125
r_shadow_glossexact use exact reflection math for gloss (slightly slower, but should look a tad better) 0
r_shadow_glossexponent how 'sharp' the gloss should appear (specular power) 32
r_shadow_glossintensity how bright textured glossmaps should look if r_shadow_gloss is 1 or 2 1
r_shadow_lightattenuationdividebias changes attenuation texture generation 1
r_shadow_lightattenuationlinearscale changes attenuation texture generation 2
r_shadow_lightintensityscale renders all world lights brighter or darker 1
r_shadow_lightradiusscale renders all world lights larger or smaller 1
r_shadow_polygonfactor how much to enlarge shadow volume polygons when rendering (should be 0!) 0
r_shadow_polygonoffset how much to push shadow volumes into the distance when rendering, to reduce chances of zfighting artifacts (should not be less than 0) 1
r_shadow_portallight use portal culling to exactly determine lit triangles when compiling world lights 1
r_shadow_projectdistance how far to cast shadows 1000000
r_shadow_realtime_dlight enables rendering of dynamic lights such as explosions and rocket light 1
r_shadow_realtime_dlight_portalculling enables portal optimization on dynamic lights (slow!) 0
r_shadow_realtime_dlight_shadows enables rendering of shadows from dynamic lights 0
r_shadow_realtime_dlight_svbspculling enables svbsp optimization on dynamic lights (very slow!) 0
r_shadow_realtime_world enables rendering of full world lighting (whether loaded from the map, or a .rtlights file, or a .ent file, or a .lights file produced by hlight) 0
r_shadow_realtime_world_compile enables compilation of world lights for higher performance rendering 1
r_shadow_realtime_world_compileportalculling enables portal-based culling optimization during compilation 1
r_shadow_realtime_world_compileshadow enables compilation of shadows from world lights for higher performance rendering 1
r_shadow_realtime_world_compilesvbsp enables svbsp optimization during compilation 1
r_shadow_realtime_world_lightmaps brightness to render lightmaps when using full world lighting, try 0.5 for a tenebrae-like appearance 1
r_shadow_realtime_world_shadows enables rendering of shadows from world lights 0
r_shadow_scissor use scissor optimization of light rendering (restricts rendering to the portion of the screen affected by the light) 1
r_shadow_texture3d use 3D voxel textures for spherical attenuation rather than cylindrical (does not affect r_glsl lighting) 1
r_shadow_usenormalmap enables use of directional shading on lights 1
r_shadows casts fake stencil shadows from models onto the world (rtlights are unaffected by this); when set to 2, always cast the shadows DOWN, otherwise use the model lighting 0
r_shadows_throwdistance how far to cast shadows from models 500
r_showbboxes shows bounding boxes of server entities, value controls opacity scaling (1 = 10%, 10 = 100%) 0
r_showcollisionbrushes draws collision brushes in quake3 maps (mode 1), mode 2 disables rendering of world (trippy!) 0
r_showcollisionbrushes_polygonfactor expands outward the brush polygons a little bit, used to make collision brushes appear infront of walls -1
r_showcollisionbrushes_polygonoffset nudges brush polygon depth in hardware depth units, used to make collision brushes appear infront of walls 0
r_showdisabledepthtest disables depth testing on r_show* cvars, allowing you to see what hidden geometry the graphics card is processing 0
r_showlighting shows areas lit by lights, useful for finding out why some areas of a map render slowly (bright orange = lots of passes = slow), a value of 2 disables depth testing which can be interesting but not very useful 0
r_shownormals shows per-vertex surface normals and tangent vectors for bumpmapped lighting 0
r_showshadowvolumes shows areas shadowed by lights, useful for finding out why some areas of a map render slowly (bright blue = lots of passes = slow), a value of 2 disables depth testing which can be interesting but not very useful 0
r_showsurfaces 1 shows surfaces as different colors, or a value of 2 shows triangle draw order (for analyzing whether meshes are optimized for vertex cache) 0
r_showtris shows triangle outlines, value controls brightness (can be above 1) 0
r_skeletal_debugbone development cvar for testing skeletal model code -1
r_skeletal_debugbonecomponent development cvar for testing skeletal model code 3
r_skeletal_debugbonevalue development cvar for testing skeletal model code 100
r_skeletal_debugtranslatex development cvar for testing skeletal model code 1
r_skeletal_debugtranslatey development cvar for testing skeletal model code 1
r_skeletal_debugtranslatez development cvar for testing skeletal model code 1
r_sky enables sky rendering (black otherwise) 1
r_skyscroll1 speed at which upper clouds layer scrolls in quake sky 1
r_skyscroll2 speed at which lower clouds layer scrolls in quake sky 2
r_smoothnormals_areaweighting uses significantly faster (and supposedly higher quality) area-weighted vertex normals and tangent vectors rather than summing normalized triangle normals and tangents 1
r_speeds displays rendering statistics and per-subsystem timings 0
r_stereo_angle separation angle of eyes (makes the views look different directions, as an example, 90 gives a 90 degree separation where the views are 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right) 0
r_stereo_redblue red/blue anaglyph stereo glasses (note: most of these glasses are actually red/cyan, try that one too) 0
r_stereo_redcyan red/cyan anaglyph stereo glasses, the kind given away at drive-in movies like Creature From The Black Lagoon In 3D 0
r_stereo_redgreen red/green anaglyph stereo glasses (for those who don't mind yellow) 0
r_stereo_separation separation distance of eyes in the world (negative values are only useful for cross-eyed viewing) 4
r_stereo_sidebyside side by side views for those who can't afford glasses but can afford eye strain (note: use a negative r_stereo_separation if you want cross-eyed viewing) 0
r_subdivisions_collision_maxtess maximum number of subdivisions (prevents curves beyond a certain detail level, limits smoothing) 1024
r_subdivisions_collision_maxvertices maximum vertices allowed per subdivided curve 4225
r_subdivisions_collision_mintess minimum number of subdivisions (values above 0 will smooth curves that don't need it) 0
r_subdivisions_collision_tolerance maximum error tolerance on curve subdivision for collision purposes (usually a larger error tolerance than for rendering) 15
r_subdivisions_maxtess maximum number of subdivisions (prevents curves beyond a certain detail level, limits smoothing) 1024
r_subdivisions_maxvertices maximum vertices allowed per subdivided curve 65536
r_subdivisions_mintess minimum number of subdivisions (values above 0 will smooth curves that don't need it) 0
r_subdivisions_tolerance maximum error tolerance on curve subdivision for rendering purposes (in other words, the curves will be given as many polygons as necessary to represent curves at this quality) 3
r_test internal development use only, leave it alone (usually does nothing anyway) 0
r_textbrightness additional brightness for text color codes (0 keeps colors as is, 1 makes them all white) 0.2
r_textcontrast additional contrast for text color codes (1 keeps colors as is, 0 makes them all black) 0.8
r_textshadow draws a shadow on all text to improve readability (note: value controls offset, 1 = 1 pixel, 1.5 = 1.5 pixels, etc) 1
r_textureunits number of hardware texture units reported by driver (note: setting this to 1 turns off gl_combine) 32
r_track_sprites track SPR_LABEL* sprites by putting them as indicator at the screen border to rotate to 1
r_track_sprites_flags 1: Rotate sprites accodringly, 2: Make it a continuous rotation 1
r_track_sprites_scaleh height scaling of tracked sprites 1
r_track_sprites_scalew width scaling of tracked sprites 1
r_useinfinitefarclip enables use of a special kind of projection matrix that has an extremely large farclip 1
r_useportalculling improve framerate with r_novis 1 by using portal culling - still not as good as compiled visibility data in the map, but it helps (a value of 2 forces use of this even with vis data, which improves framerates in maps without too much complexity, but hurts in extremely complex maps, which is why 2 is not the default mode) 1
r_water whether to use reflections and refraction on water surfaces (note: r_wateralpha must be set below 1) 0
r_water_clippingplanebias a rather technical setting which avoids black pixels around water edges 1
r_water_reflectdistort how much water reflections shimmer 0.01
r_water_refractdistort how much water refractions shimmer 0.01
r_water_resolutionmultiplier multiplier for screen resolution when rendering refracted/reflected scenes, 1 is full quality, lower values are faster 0.5
r_wateralpha opacity of water polygons 1
r_waterscroll makes water scroll around, value controls how much 1
r_waterwarp warp view while underwater 1
rcon_address server address to send rcon commands to (when not connected to a server)
rcon_password password to authenticate rcon commands; NOTE: changing rcon_secure clears rcon_password, so set rcon_secure always before rcon_password
rcon_restricted_commands allowed commands for rcon when the restricted mode password was used restart fraglimit chmap gotomap endmatch reducematchtime extendmatchtime allready kick kickban „sv_cmd bans“ „sv_cmd unban“ status „sv_cmd teamstatus“ movetoteam_auto movetoteam_red movetoteam_blue movetoteam_yellow movetoteam_pink
rcon_restricted_password password to authenticate rcon commands in restricted mode
rcon_secure force secure rcon authentication; NOTE: changing rcon_secure clears rcon_password, so set rcon_secure always before rcon_password 1
rcon_secure_maxdiff maximum time difference between rcon request and server system clock (to protect against replay attack) 5

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