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Nexuiz cvars bis b

cvar Funktion Default-Wert
_backup_con_chatvars_set custom cvar 0
_cl_color internal storage cvar for current player colors (changed by color command) 102
_cl_name internal storage cvar for current player name (changed by name command) Player
_cl_playermodel internal storage cvar for current player model in Nexuiz (changed by playermodel command) models/player/marine.zym
_cl_playerskin internal storage cvar for current player skin in Nexuiz (changed by playerskin command) 0
_cl_rate internal storage cvar for current rate (changed by rate command) 20000
_snd_mixahead how much sound to mix ahead of time 0.11
_supports_weaponpriority set to 1 by csqc if supported, and to 0 on disconnect 0
ambient_fade rate of volume fading when moving from one environment to another 100
ambient_level volume of environment noises (water and wind) 0.3
aot_secondrun custom cvar aot_secondrun_alias
bgmvolume volume of background music (such as CD music or replacement files such as sound/cdtracks/track002.ogg) 1
bot_ai_aimskill_blendrate How much correction will be applied to the aiming angle 2
bot_ai_aimskill_firetolerance_distdegrees custom cvar 180
bot_ai_aimskill_firetolerance_maxdegrees Maximum firing angle. Used on close range 60
bot_ai_aimskill_firetolerance_mindegrees Minimum angle tolerance. Used on large distances 2
bot_ai_aimskill_fixedrate custom cvar 15
bot_ai_aimskill_mouse How much of the aiming filters are applied 1
bot_ai_aimskill_offset Amount of error induced to the bots aim 0.3
bot_ai_aimskill_order_filter_1st Position filter 0.4
bot_ai_aimskill_order_filter_2nd Movement filter 0.4
bot_ai_aimskill_order_filter_3th Acceleration filter 0.2
bot_ai_aimskill_order_filter_4th Position prediction filter. Used rarely 0.4
bot_ai_aimskill_order_filter_5th Movement prediction filter. Used rarely 0.5
bot_ai_aimskill_order_mix_1st Amount of the 1st filter output to apply to the aiming angle 0.01
bot_ai_aimskill_order_mix_2nd Amount of the 1st filter output to apply to the aiming angle 0.1
bot_ai_aimskill_order_mix_3th Amount of the 1st filter output to apply to the aiming angle 0.01
bot_ai_aimskill_order_mix_4th Amount of the 1st filter output to apply to the aiming angle 0.05
bot_ai_aimskill_order_mix_5th Amount of the 1st filter output to apply to the aiming angle 0.01
bot_ai_aimskill_think Aiming velocity. Use values below 1 for slower aiming 1
bot_ai_bunnyhop_firstjumpdelay Start running to the goal only if it was seen for more than N seconds 0.5
bot_ai_bunnyhop_skilloffset Bots with skill equal or greater than this value will perform the „bunnyhop“ technique 7
bot_ai_bunnyhop_startdistance Run to goals located further than this distance 250
bot_ai_bunnyhop_stopdistance Stop jumping after reaching this distance to the goal 220
bot_ai_chooseweaponinterval How often the best weapon according to the situation will be chosen 0.3
bot_ai_custom_weapon_priority_close Desired weapons for close distances ordered by priority 11 7 3 13 14 8 6 4 2 5 15 1
bot_ai_custom_weapon_priority_distances Define close and far distances in any order. Based on the distance to the enemy bots will choose different weapons 300 850
bot_ai_custom_weapon_priority_far Desired weapons for far distances ordered by priority 11 7 15 14 4 5 8 13 6 1 3 9 2
bot_ai_custom_weapon_priority_mid Desired weapons for middle distances ordered by priority 11 9 4 5 3 7 15 14 6 13 8 2 1
bot_ai_dangerdetectioninterval How often scan for waypoints with dangers near 0.1
bot_ai_dangerdetectionupdates How many waypoints will be considered for danger detection 64
bot_ai_dodgeupdateinterval How often scan for items to dodge. Currently not in use. 0.1
bot_ai_enemydetectioninterval How often bots pick a new target 0.5
bot_ai_enemydetectionradius How far bots can see enemies 10000
bot_ai_friends_aware_pickup_radius Bots will not pickup items if a team mate is this distance near the item 500
bot_ai_ignoregoal_timeout Ignore goals making bots to get stuck in front of a wall for N seconds 3
bot_ai_keyboard_distance Keyboard emulation is disabled after this distance to the goal 250
bot_ai_keyboard_treshold custom cvar 0.57
bot_ai_navigation_jetpack Enable bots to navigat maps using the jetpack 1
bot_ai_navigation_jetpack_mindistance Bots will try fly to objects located farther than this distance 2500
bot_ai_strategyinterval How often a new objective is chosen 3
bot_ai_thinkinterval custom cvar 0.05
bot_ai_weapon_combo Enable bots to do weapon combos 1
bot_ai_weapon_combo_threshold Try to make a combo N seconds after the last attack 0.3
bot_config_file Name and path of the bot configuration file bots.txt
bot_god god mode for bots 0
bot_ignore_bots When set, bots don't shoot at other bots 0
bot_join_empty When set, bots also play if no player has joined the server 0
bot_navigation_ignoreplayers custom cvar 0
bot_nofire When set, bots never fire. Mainly for testing in g_waypointeditor mode 0
bot_number Minimum number of bots 0
bot_prefix Prefix in front of the bot names [BOT]
bot_sound_monopoly when enabled, only bots can make any noise 0
bot_suffix Suffix behind the bot names
bot_usemodelnames Use player model names for bot names 0
bot_vs_human Bots and humans play in different teams when set. positive values to make an all-bot blue team, set to negative values to make an all-bot red team, the absolute value is the ratio bots vs humans (1 for equal count) 0

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