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Star Trek Games

Titles from the Star Trek Franchise

Game Type Release year
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Combat Simulation 1997
Star Trek: Birth of the Federation turn-based strategy 1999
Star Trek: Hidden Evil third-person action/adventure 1999
Star Trek: Armada real-time strategy 2000
Star Trek: ConQuest Online collectible card game 2000
Star Trek: Invasion space combat, third person shooter 2000
Star Trek: Klingon Academy Starship Combat Simulation 2000
Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force first-person shooter 2000
Star Trek: Away Team 2D isometric squad-based strategy 2001
Star Trek: Armada II real-time strategy 2001
Star Trek: Bridge Commander space combat bridge simulation 2002
Star Trek: Starfleet Command III space combat, real time tactics 2002
Star Trek: Elite Force II first-person shooter 2003
Star Trek Armada 3 real-time strategy 2014


Some games were released by Activision, but after some disputes with Paramount (represented by Viacom) they returned the license for Star Trek games in general. For this reason, those games will no longer be distributed by Activision. Therefore they are not for sale at GOG or other retailers. Thus, only second hand trade remains, e.g. via eBay or Amazon Market Place. These include:

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