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Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Maps

The least problematic are maps. It is only important that everyone plays the same version and that additional *.pk3 files required by a map are present, too. Most of the time you will only find the latest version of a map anyway, or the older ones are marked as such. When choosing the maps for a dedicated server, it is important that as many people as possible have the maps (or not too many custom maps are needed), or can get them quickly (e.g. a put map pak on an FTP, because the standard download via EF simply takes really long, see also Accelerating Map Downloads) and that the maps are not all too computation-intensive. Especially on older computers, oversized or over-detailed maps can stutter, which is not very good for a fast game like EF. On current systems, however, this is no longer an issue.

It is enjoyable when a map is not played for too long. Each player has one or the other map on which he/she will not get anywhere. Therefore the limits (time, capture, kills) should be chosen carefully and with consideration of active modes and mods. Rough guidelines are 30 kills/5 captures, 15-20 minutes time limit. Then there won't be anything like 100 kills 10 death or so. On some maps, for example, the one with the arc welder is simply almost unbeatable. So it's no fun to experience 100 kills first hand. Also it should be a quite varied selection of maps. First CTF and then DM on the same map is boring.

Suitability for certain modes or game types should also be considered. Disintegration, for example, plays better on larger maps than on smaller ones. The number of players should also be considered. On a huge map with few players there is no fun, on a crowded map there is also no fun. However, the former can be compensated by filling the map with bots.

The command to call maps (/map <mapname>) is applicable to all maps, but is only really necessary for a few. It is important that the name of the *.pk3 file in the maps folder of the *.pk3 file is used instead of the name of the *.pk3 file. With this name maps are also invoked for map cycles of a dedicated server. However, this means that the *.pk3 file can also have a completely different name than the actual map (e.g. pak0.pk3 from the base installation contains a variety of maps, not just one). When in doubt, check it first. It helps to name the *.pk3 the same way as the *.bsp. (If it doesn't contain multiple maps.) The case doesn't matter when calling this command.

It may also be important whether a map can be played with bots (i.e. has waypoints). This can be recognized by the fact whether in the folder maps of the *.pk3 there is also an *.aas file with the name of the map. If this is not the case, bots cannot play on the map.

Standard Maps

As in most games, Eliteforce comes with a set of maps that everyone who has installed the game will have. In a broader sense, it can be considered standard maps if you take the Expansion Pack's maps into consideration. Many have them, but not necessarily everyone. Here is a list of the maps that come shipped with EF (in the pak0.pk3):

Level Screenshot Mapname Game Types Recommended number of players Rec. Frag Limit
ctf_and1 CTF, TDM, FFA 10 -
ctf_kln1 CTF, TDM, FFA 10 -
ctf_kln2 CTF, TDM, FFA 12 -
ctf_voy1 CTF, TDM, FFA 8 10
ctf_voy2 CTF, TDM, FFA 8 15
hm_borg1 TDM, FFA 6 10
hm_borg2 TDM, FFA 8 20
hm_borg3 TDM, FFA 12 25
hm_cam TDM, FFA 6 20
hm_dn1 TDM, FFA 12 15
hm_dn2 TDM, FFA 16 20
hm_for1 TDM, FFA 8 10
hm_kln1 TDM, FFA 6 10
hm_noon TDM, FFA 4 10
hm_scav1 TDM, FFA 8 15
hm_voy1 TDM, FFA 12 15
hm_voy2 TDM, FFA 8 10

Expansion Pack Maps

The following maps are regularly included in the Expansion Pack (in the pak3.pk3):

Level Screenshot Mapname Game Types Recommended number of players Rec. Frag Limit
ctf_breach CTF, TDM, FFA 12 20
ctf_dn1 CTF, TDM, FFA 8 15
ctf_for1 CTF, TDM, FFA 12 15
ctf_neptune CTF, TDM, FFA 6 10
ctf_oldwest CTF, TDM, FFA 6 15
ctf_reservoir CTF, TDM, FFA 8 15
ctf_singularity CTF, TDM, FFA 8 20
ctf_spyglass2 CTF, TDM, FFA 8 10
ctf_stasis CTF, TDM, FFA 4 10
hm_altar TDM, FFA 8 10
hm_blastradius TDM, FFA 8 15
hm_borgattack TDM, FFA 8 20
hm_for2 TDM, FFA 10 15
hm_raven TDM, FFA 4 10
hm_temple TDM, FFA 8 25
hm_voy3 TDM, FFA 6 20

Elite Force Player Maps

There are some additional maps on the Expansion Pack CD. They are called “Elite Force Player Maps”, and are located as installer EliteForcePlayerMapsGM.exe in the directory Setup/PlayerMaps. This installer places only the file playermaps.pk3 in the baseEF folder. This *.pk3 contains the following maps:

Level Screenshot Mapname Game Types Recommended number of players Rec. Frag Limit
borg210 TDM, FFA 8 20
ctf_ambushv2 CTF, TDM, FFA 8 25
ctf_thebunkerv2 CTF, TDM, FFA 6 20
hm_209 TDM, FFA - 30
shipwrecked TDM, FFA 8 10

Bonus Holomatch Map Pack

There is a handful more maps created by Raven Software that were not shipped on the CDs. They were only available via the Internet, as map pak or single maps. They are available as files ctf_geothermal.pk3, ctf_spyglass.pk3 and ( For example here and here.) In you can find the actual map file raven_trekmaps1.pk3. It contains the three maps ctf_canyon, ctf_space and hm_dn3.

Level Screenshot Mapname Game Types Recommended number of players Rec. Frag Limit
ctf_canyon CTF, TDM, FFA 10 20
ctf_geothermal CTF, TDM, FFA 10 20
ctf_space CTF, TDM, FFA 6 20
ctf_spyglass CTF, TDM, FFA 6 20
hm_dn3 TDM, FFA 6 20

Map creation

The format of the map files: The used pk3 files are basically *.zip files that contain textures and map geometry as well as bot data and possibly additional sounds. This can be used to add new maps or alter existing ones.


Maps don't have native bot support. You can easily find out if they support them by looking into the *.pk3 folder maps. (If this is not available, the *.pk3 is not a map file, but either a support file (e.g. with additional textures or sounds) or a model or bot.) If it contains an *.aas file with the same name as the actual map (*.bsp), somebody went to the trouble of giving the map bot support. In principle, this can also be retrofitted. Therefore you have to convert the *.bsp file from the *.pk3 with BSPC into a *.aas. A command line looks like this:

bspc -bsp2aas <pk3-file>/maps/bspfile.bsp

The file obtained can then be copied back into the *.pk3 folder maps. There are a number of other BSPC functions that are not explained here. For Windows, there is a BSPC GUI to make your work easier. Most of the time, however, on maps that don't have bot support, not only was the mapper too lazy to do it, but there are technical problems preventing them from retrofitting the waypoints. But you can still try it if you're not sure.

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