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Star Trek - Elite Force 2

Game Information

In principle, EF 2 is the story line successor of EF 1, also based on the Quake 3 engine. The place is no longer called Voyager but Enterprise and the Tricorder is used much more often. A few more weapons, the graphics a bit better, that's EF 2. The gameplay of the singleplayer is much better compared to the first part, especially regarding the puzzles, while the multiplayer has lost some pace.

The game was released by Activision, but after some disputes with Paramount (represented by Viacom) they returned the license for Star Trek games in general. For this reason, Eliteforce 2 and the other Star Trek games from Activision will no longer be distributed. Therefore the game is not available at GOG or other retailers. Therefore only the second-hand retail trade remains, e.g. via eBay or Amazon Market Place.


You install from CD 1 and 2, but you only need CD 1 to play. There is a patch 1.1 which should be installed. As always, the crack is optional, but saves you having a CD image or the CD inserted. The game also runs under Windows 7. Higher versions have not been tried yet.


EF 2 can also be played with the co-op mod.


Just like EF 1, EF 2 also depends on master servers to find game servers online. Currently available master servers are:

  • (, 2019-06-20)
  • (, 2019-06-20)


As for EF 1 there are single player cheats in the second part as well. The console must be usable (in the config or on the Windows console start with the switches +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1, can also be specified in a shortcut) and then enter one of the following cheats on the EF2 console:

Cheatcode Effect
god invulnerable, unlimited ammunition
noclip No clipping mode
notarget Invisible
modellist Spawn List
health 100 100 % health
give <weapon> Give weapon weapon
kill Suicide
maplist List of maps
quit Quit game
shaderlist show shaders
kick Kicks user from server
tiki ?
rcon use remote console
flushlips ?
inventory show inventory
taunt does what it sounds like
vstr <name> runs the vstr named name
meminfo Show memory usage
echo <text> print <text>
toggle ?
reset Reset game
altbind alternative binding
altbindlist List of alternative bindings
freeze Pause game
systeminfo System information
devmap ?
centerview Center crosshairs
record <replayname> Start replay recording
stoprecord <replayname> Stop replay recording
demo <replayname> Play replay
alisdump ?
skinlist Show skin list
gfxinfo Show graphics card info
playsong Playing a piece of music
widgetcommand ?
notepad ?

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