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The abbreviation Coop or Co-Op means cooperation. In the gaming sense this can mean one of two things:

  1. You can play a game's single player campaign with other human players as well. This is a very common but rather strict definition, which only relates to the single player campaign played alone vs. together. See also List of Campaign Coop Games.
  2. You can play a game in a manner, that does not require any human players to play against on another (which otherwise would require at least one human to lose in order for another or others to win), e. g. set up games playing human players vs. at least one computer controlled team. In praxis this can for example mean, one team of humans, one team of bots in a CTF shooter match. Either the whole ai team wins, or the whole human players team wins. It also includes the above definition but also extends it so explicit Coop missions, some games provide (e. g. Starcraft 2). This does only exclude games, where there is no Coop game play possible. An example would be UFO2000, as there are no computer players, or the original X-COM UFO Defense.

This Wiki articles regard the expression “Coop” in the latter meaning. Any game, that you can play humans vs. computer opponents, not requiring humans to play against one another is considered providing Coop play.

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