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Activition is a computer game Publisher, known for many titles, including the following:

They used to have their own game development team, which makes them also a Development Studio. Their last self programmed game is Star Trek - Armada 1.

The Star Trek Law Suit

Activision had a license to produce games from the Star Trek franchise for a while. During the time of the TV show Enterprise, Activision was not satisfied any more with the way, Paramount resp. CBS were handling their brand “Star Trek”. They were of the opinion, that this was also slowing down the game market for Star Trek games, and therefore actually costing them real money. They even went to court with CBS/Viacom and eventually gave back their license for Star Trek games in general. Therefore these games are not available at GOG or other retailers. Therefore only the second-hand retail trade remains, e.g. via eBay or Amazon Market Place. This is especially problematic for the title Star Trek - Elite Force 2, which was officially for sale only for a rather short period of time, making original copies of the game rather rare. More details about the rise and fall of Star Trek games being published by Activition can be read in this article:

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